Orclahoma Bowl VI March 18th, 2017 - Spiky Cup V March 19th, 2017

Past Tournament Results

Nuffleween II 2013 - Rules Pack (pdf)

Alan Aid 2013 - Rules Pack (pdf)

Spiky Cup 2013 - Rules Pack (pdf)

Orclahoma Bowl II 2013 - Rules Pack (pdf)

Critter Bowl 2013 - Rules Pack (pdf)

Orclahoma Bowl 2012 - Rules Pack (pdf)

Nuffleween 2012 - Rules Pack (pdf)


Wizards Asylum - The Premiere Comic and Game shop in Norman/OKC area and Host to this years Orclahoma Bowl!

Impact Miniatures - Fantasy Football models for gamers, by gamers.  Don’t forget to check out their awesome accessories too (base rings, magnets, etc)

The NAF - Worldwide site dedicated to connecting Blood Bowl tournaments and ranking your performance.  Oh, and those sweet colored block dice!

The Couch Pirates - Podcats and articles about: Magic the Gathering, Wrestling, MMA, Politics, Comics and Man Knowledge. Nuff Said!

Links about Blood Bowl

CRP Rules - Rule set that will be used at the Orclahoma Bowl, Plus the three new teams list

Talk Fantasy Football - Worldwide discussion about rules, miniatures, leagues, tactics, tournaments, and even some great BB stuff or sale

FUMBBL - Play Bloodbowl right on your PC or Mac against anyone in the world via their Java client.  Great way to test out team builds and tactics for your next table top game

BB Tactics - Da Coach knows it all, and he’s cracking open his playbook and giving you all the tips on how to take your team to the top

BB Playbooks - Plasmoid has collected wisdom on team building and tactics from coaches all around the world for your viewing pleasure

Podcasts about Blood Bowl

Both Down - They claim to be the World's #1 Blood Bowl podcast hosted by Ginger's, but are they? Follow Steve and Scott and the dive into the podcasting world of Blood Bowl. Episode Two should feature The Orclahoma Bowl!

Zlurpcast - The Gong Show of Blood Bowl. The Main Guy and Other Guy entertain you with Blood Bowl love along with Tournament info from around the world.

3 Die Block - Breakdown of Tactics and the hosts own League Scores & Stats

Other US Tournaments

Chaos Cup - The US Blood Bowl Major held in Chicago every September

Bugmans Bowl - Held in Grapevine, Texas every February. Come hear the tales from "the most interesting Dwarf in the Old World", Josef Bugman

North American Blood Bowl Team Championship - Team Blood Bowl in Las Vegas!

ZlurpeeBowl.com - Tournament held in Indianapolis every July.

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