**Come Celebrate the 7th Anniversary of Orclahoma Bowl Weekend!**

This amazing weekend includes the seventh Orclahoma Bowl and seventh Spiky Cup, which are two separate and unique NAF approved tournaments! This is sure to be the biggest event in Orclahoma history and we want you to join us!

As always, we will be giving away a ton of prizes from many different sponsors (including 2 painted teams!). In addition to those amazing give-aways each attendee will also receive the amazing exclusives (see below) just for signing up!

Sign up early to ensure you get both colors for each event! The first 20 coaches to sign up for both days received extra raffle tickets as well as unique Marble colored versions of each D6 Design for this year!

Place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in either event and get unique Gold, Silver or Bronze dice to show off your achievement! More pic of prizes, awards and freebies coming soon!


**Orclahoma Bowl 6 (2017 Fluff)**

After the biggest Orclahoma Bowl ever the Green All-Stars wanted more. They refused to play at a lower price and for any team, it just didn't feel right to them anymore. Imagine being Varag Ghoul-Chewer and being paid to play with Halflings, seriously Halflings? Now with only Crom wanting and willing to play for anyone at Orclahoma Bowl, what will the tournament organizers do now? Well they decided to go back in time...

Using the time travel abilities of wizard Skott Kampbell the organizers went back to the year 2488 and plucked the other five star players from the famous Gouged Eye team. These five are know as the "Forgotten Five" of that Gouged Eye era, being great players of Blood Bowl but overshadowed by the grand success of Varag Ghoul-Chewer that lives on to this day. (Although the going rumor is that is like the 3rd of 4th Varag walking the Old World. Can anyone say magic?). Now nearly 30 years later the Blood Bowl scene will once again get to witness the Gouged Eye legendary star players...  

All rules for each Forgotten 5 star player are included in the Orclahoma Bowl rules!

**Spiky Cup 5 (2017 Fluff)**

The Fifth Spiky Cup is cause for celebration! It's been five years and Spiky Norman is still running one of the wildest and most amazing tournaments out there. In fact, it's become so famous that sponsors were lining up to become a part of the event. Never one to not take someone's money, Spiky came up with an idea... Have a party!

Since this is the Fifth year, Spiky decided to go the formal route and as such, every team will be getting special Top Hats. Spiky sold the rights to each hat to a different sponsor or star or just anyone with a couple of gold coins, so there's no telling what kind of hat you'll get. Rumor has it that Spiky sold the creation rights to over 150 different people!

Each team will get a hat of unknown abilities. Some may be amazing, some may be horrible, there's only way to find out, come out and see for yourself!

You can sign up here, click to register.

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