***Come Celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of Orclahoma Bowl!***

This amazing weekend includes the fifth Orclahoma Bowl and the fourth Spiky Cup, which are two separate and unique NAF approved tournaments! This is sure to be the biggest event in Orclahoma history and we want you to join us!

As always, we will be giving away a ton of prizes from many different sponsors. In addition to those amazing give-aways each attendee will also receive the amazing exclusives below just for signing up!

First and foremost, the Cromnard "The Crom" Dung limited edition figure is something that everyone will get! Thanks to RN Estudios for their help with the creation as well as Zlurpcast and Sean "Big Sexy" Stevens for their permissions and inspirations.

A first for this unique event, the Orclahoma Bowl and Spiky Cup tournament coin! A beautifully made coin celebrating the greatest events in Southern Amorica!

Orclahoma Bowl Coin FrontOrclahoma Bowl Coin Back

Next is a unique creation never before seen in the tournament world; a custom kick-off and D3 die! Need to figure out who goes first? Don't flip a giant metal coin (even though we just gave you an awesome one), roll the Orc/Goblin die and call it! Need to roll a D3 for kick-off? We've got that covered too. Roll the die and don't worry about that pesky math!

Custom Orclahoma Bowl D3

And as always, D6 dice for each event. Sign up early to ensure you get both colors for each event!

Custom Orclahoma Bowl D6

Finally, this year we will have an official Orclahoma Bowl/Spiky Cup t-shirt for just $10. The design will be updated as soon as it is finalized. Until then, just trust us that it's awesome. You can order it when you register.

Orclahoma Bowl Sponsors


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RN Estudio